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As a member of the Australian Alpaca Association you will have access to a range of services and benefits. Selecting the correct membership type is important - further information on the benefits of each membership type is available on the AAA website - and you can also upgrade your membership in the future if your needs change. Note that if you choose a 'Guest' account below you are not joining the AAA; you are only receiving guest access to the International Alpaca Registry in view-only mode.

Membership type Summary of Rights Votes Annual fee Pro-rata fee to 30 June
Joint All member rights, 2-4 members (2 votes) 2 $275 $206.25
Full All member rights (1 vote) 1 $250 $187.50
Overseas Member info and meetings; no animals or show entries (cannot vote) 0 $105 $78.75
Youth Educational All member rights (cannot vote) 0 $50 $37.50
Associate Most member rights; cannot register cria or issue sire authorities (cannot vote) 0 $50 $37.50
Guest Guest access; view-only access to search animals and pedigrees 0 $0 $0.00

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