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Certified Appaloosa stud male

PRICE: $2,000.00
IAR: 1003009
Date of birth: 25/03/2010
Sex: Certified male
Type: Huacaya
Colour: Medium Brown/Dark Brown

We imported Camouflage from NZ to establish our Appaloosa breeding program. He has not disappointed us & we now have a lovely herd of females by him. He is an excellent working male with a fine soft fleece and a very reasonable price.


Contact details

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Phone number: 0435 107 779
Address: 8 KENNEDY RD
Herd health status: Unassessed

Fleece characteristics

2018 Micron 21.4, SD 3.5, CV 18.8, CF 96%
2019 Micron 22.3, SD 4.6, CV 20.8, CF 93%

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Animal's pedigree


Name IAR Fleece type Sex Birth date Colour Show results
LEMARLI AVALANCHE 220461 Huacaya Male 29/02/2016 WT/MF No show entry
LEMARLI GERONIMO 205427 Huacaya Male 08/05/2014 AMF/DB No show entry
LEMARLI JAFFA 220460 Huacaya Female 29/03/2016 AWT/MB No show entry
LEMARLI MALIBU 205432 Huacaya Female 18/04/2014 SMF No show entry
LEMARLI MARDI GRAS 205436 Huacaya Female 22/04/2014 ARG/WT/RN No show entry
LEMARLI NAVAJO 205437 Huacaya Male 26/11/2014 AMG/DB No show entry
LEMARLI NAVARRAH 205426 Huacaya Male 17/03/2014 AMF/DF No show entry
LEMARLI NIGELLA 205428 Huacaya Female 11/04/2014 AMF/DF No show entry
LEMARLI OHIYESA 220452 Huacaya Female 23/03/2015 AMF/MB No show entry
LEMARLI OKALANI 220453 Huacaya Female 29/03/2015 AWT/MB No show entry
LEMARLI OKI DOKI 205449 Huacaya Female 06/02/2015 ALF/MF/DF No show entry
LEMARLI OLIVE OYL 220451 Huacaya Female 20/02/2015 MG No show entry
LEMARLI OO LA LA 220456 Huacaya Female 21/04/2015 AWT/MB No show entry
LEMARLI OPAL 220455 Huacaya Female 19/04/2015 AWT/DB No show entry
LEMARLI ORANGE BLOSSOM 205448 Huacaya Female 07/02/2015 SMF No show entry
LEMARLI ORINOCO GOLD 205442 Huacaya Male 12/02/2015 SMF No show entry
LEMARLI PATCHOULI 220467 Huacaya Female 12/04/2016 AMF/LF No show entry
LEMARLI POKEY 220436 Huacaya Female 27/03/2018 AMF/DF No show entry
LEMARLI PRIMROSE 220468 Huacaya Female 26/04/2016 ALF/DF No show entry
LEMARLI RAFAELLA 220435 Huacaya Female 06/04/2018 AWT/DF 3 in 109
LEMARLI RUCHI 220445 Huacaya Female 26/12/2018 AMG/DF 1 in 109
LEMARLI SARAH 252651 Huacaya Female 08/05/2019 AMG/MF/DB No show entry
LEMARLI SKIP 220441 Huacaya Male 05/04/2018 SMF No show entry
LEMARLI STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE 220448 Huacaya Female 01/01/2019 RG No show entry
PETLYN PARK JESSIE 221716 Huacaya Female 22/01/2016 ALF/LB No show entry
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