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PRICE: $5,000.00
IAR: 164592
Date of birth: 09/04/2010
Sex: Certified male
Type: Huacaya
Colour: Solid Dark Brown

A well grown macho who oozes looks and lustre. Has a great presence about him Produces well covered, gorgeous cria. HC is a calm and gentle male. Excellent to work with. Has 20 registered cria (not used as much as we have retired and dont have the females to use)


Contact details

Contact person: SHARON WARLAND
Email the seller
Phone number: 0438 072 383
Address: 715 RATHJEN RD
Herd health status: Unassessed

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Multiple 1st placings from Junior, Intermediate and Adult
Champion Brown Royal Adelaide
Multiple Best of Colour
Champion Composite Royal Adelaide 2013

Animal's pedigree


Name IAR Fleece type Sex Birth date Colour Show results
BLU-HAVEN BRAVAUX 220758 Huacaya Male 22/11/2017 MF 5 in 105
BLU-HAVEN CHOCCIE 220759 Huacaya Wether 28/11/2017 SDB 2 in 105
BLU-HAVEN HANNALOO 239101 Huacaya Female 07/12/2017 DB 6 in 105
BLU-HAVEN MILO 239102 Huacaya Wether 18/12/2017 SMF 1 in 105
BLU-HAVEN MIREYA 220760 Huacaya Female 02/12/2017 SLF 2 in 105
BLU-HAVEN NUMAYR 220756 Huacaya Wether 14/11/2017 SLF No show entry
BLU-HAVEN RAIN DANCER 220757 Huacaya Wether 18/11/2017 RG 1 in 105
DOWN TO EARTH LYLE 562819 Huacaya Male 08/07/2014 SDB No show entry
DRAYTON PARK BETTY-BOOP 217135 Huacaya Female 05/04/2016 BB/WT No show entry
DRAYTON PARK DIXIE 241460 Huacaya Female 02/12/2018 SMB No show entry
DRAYTON PARK ESPRESSO 241463 Huacaya Female 21/03/2019 SDB No show entry
DRAYTON PARK HAZELNUT 217132 Huacaya Female 04/03/2016 SDF No show entry
DRAYTON PARK HONEY 217129 Huacaya Female 01/03/2016 DF No show entry
DRAYTON PARK KAHLUA 217133 Huacaya Female 13/03/2016 SDB No show entry
DRAYTON PARK RAFIKI 217130 Huacaya Wether 03/03/2016 RN/WT No show entry
DRAYTON PARK SUGAR N SPICE 241464 Huacaya Female 08/04/2019 RN/WT No show entry
DRAYTON PARK VIENNA 217134 Huacaya Female 18/03/2016 SWT No show entry
DRAYTON PARK WILBUR 217131 Huacaya Wether 03/03/2016 SMF No show entry
WARADENE CHESTER 195590 Huacaya Male 09/05/2019 SLF No show entry
WARADENE HC SHANIA 195584 Huacaya Female 28/10/2018 SMB No show entry
WARADENE ISAC 195578 Huacaya Male 27/02/2015 SLB No show entry
WARADENE MATCHOC 195577 Huacaya Male 27/03/2015 SMB No show entry
WARADENE ZACK 195574 Huacaya Male 10/03/2015 SMB No show entry
WARADENE ZEETA 195575 Huacaya Male 15/03/2015 SDB No show entry
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