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Matings with Riverport Hematite

PRICE: $1,000.00
IAR: 183605
Date of birth: 19/09/2012
Sex: Certified male
Type: Huacaya
Colour: Light Grey

Matings with Riverport Hematite at our property on Hindmarsh Island (1 hour south of Adelaide) are available to everyone. Google "Riverport Alpacas" for more details. Note: Hematite is not for sale, he is only available for matings.


Contact details

Contact person: JACINTA HARTILL
Email the seller
Phone number: 0419 170 266
Address: 87 SHEOAK LANE
Herd health status: Unassessed

From each mating, if you get a male cria of wether quality, your NEXT mating is reduced to $500. Note: Hematite is not for sale, he is only available for matings.

Fleece characteristics

Photo of RIVERPORT HEMATITE's fleece

Show results

Show date Show name Class Place
23/08/2017 Australian Alpaca Spectacular (VIC) Huacaya Grey - Mature (Fleece) 1 out of 2
30/03/2018 Sydney Royal Alpaca Show 2018 (NSW) Huacaya Aged - Grey (Fleece) 2 out of 1

Additional show results

Won all 20 halter classes he entered.
Multiple broad ribbons at the Nationals.

Animal's pedigree


Name IAR Fleece type Sex Birth date Colour Show results
CANDLEBARK MIDJUKA 228018 Huacaya Female 17/11/2016 SBK No show entry
CANDLEBARK SHADOWSHIFT 237405 Huacaya Wether 07/03/2018 SDB No show entry
CANDLEBARK TWILIGHT ROSE 228024 Huacaya Female 03/02/2018 LG/WT 5 in 105
GOLDLEAF ETERNAL FLAME 212284 Huacaya Female 25/11/2016 MG 1 in 105
JANDARRA QUEST 241433 Huacaya Male 21/04/2019 BK No show entry
RIVERPORT MONSOON 191433 Huacaya Female 15/10/2016 DG 1 in 105
RIVERPORT MOSAIC 191429 Huacaya Female 04/05/2016 MG 6 in 105
RIVERPORT NAYLA 191441 Huacaya Female 05/03/2017 MG 1 in 105
RIVERPORT NEMO 191449 Huacaya Male 21/03/2017 DB 6 in 105
RIVERPORT NERO 191437 Huacaya Male 28/02/2017 BB 5 in 105
RIVERPORT NEUMAN 191443 Huacaya Male 06/03/2017 SWT No show entry
RIVERPORT NOSTALGIA 230405 Huacaya Wether 14/10/2017 MB/WT No show entry
RIVERPORT PANDA 230412 Huacaya Female 06/04/2018 DG No show entry
RIVERPORT PANDORA 230410 Huacaya Female 02/04/2018 DG No show entry
RIVERPORT PANTHER 230408 Huacaya Male 05/04/2018 SBB No show entry
RIVERPORT POLLY 230409 Huacaya Female 03/04/2018 SBK No show entry
RIVERPORT QUANTUM 230433 Huacaya Male 21/02/2019 MG No show entry
RIVERPORT QUARTERMAIN 245206 Huacaya Male 22/04/2019 MG No show entry
RIVERPORT QUBIT 230447 Huacaya Male 10/03/2019 MB No show entry
RIVERPORT QUEEN BEE 230439 Huacaya Female 25/02/2019 SMB No show entry
RIVERPORT QUEEN OF SCOTS 230437 Huacaya Female 24/02/2019 MB No show entry
RIVERPORT QUEEN VICTORIA 230440 Huacaya Female 26/02/2019 DG No show entry
RIVERPORT QUENTIN 230429 Huacaya Male 14/02/2019 SMB No show entry
RIVERPORT QUICKSILVER 230450 Huacaya Male 30/03/2019 RG No show entry
RIVERPORT QUIDDITCH 230438 Huacaya Male 23/02/2019 SBK No show entry
RIVERPORT QUIXOTE 230449 Huacaya Male 29/03/2019 DG No show entry
SOMADALE QUINN 239917 Huacaya Female 24/11/2019 MG No show entry
YARINGA KOBI 239160 Huacaya Male 07/04/2018 SBK No show entry
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