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Impressive show history

PRICE: $1,500.00
IAR: 158703
Date of birth: 29/10/2009
Sex: Certified male
Type: Huacaya
Colour: Rose Grey

Stunning rose grey son of BG Waterloo Sunset with extremely correct conformation and wonderful substance of bone. Progeny exhibits a well aligned style of fleece, with consistent fine staples, with even high frequrency, well defined crimp style from skin to tip. Exceptional coverage.


Contact details

Contact person: MEGAN BEHLER
Email the seller
Phone number: 0487 420 731
Address: 1152 seymour-avenel rd
, , 3664
Herd health status: Unassessed
Locale: Avenel Vic

Fleece characteristics

1st fleece: Mic 18.33, SD 3.93, CV 21.31, SF 17.91, Curv 58.49, Comf 98.75
7th Fleece: Mic 28.92, SD 6.55, CV 22.49, SF 28.56, Curv 42.31, Comf 67.20
8th Fleece: Mic 29.30, SD 6.50, CV 22.10, SF 28.80, Curv 40.87, Comf 66.35
Photo of WYONA SUNSPRITE's fleece Files available: Histogram of WYONA SUNSPRITE's fleece

Show results

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Additional show results

Charles Ledger 2010 - 2nd Jnr Grey Male
Charles Ledger 2010 - 1st Sires Progeny
Melb RAS 2010 - 3rd Junior Grey Male
Boorowa Show 2011 - 1st Intermediate Grey Male
SYD RAS 2011 - 2nd Intermediate Grey Male
Werribee Alpacafest 2011 - 1st Adult Grey Male
Vic Colourbration 2011 - 1st Adult Grey Male
Vic Colourbration 2011 - CHAMPION GREY MALE
Vic Colourbration 2011 - 1st Sires Progeny
Vic Colourbration 2011 - SUPREME GREY
AAA National 2011 - 1st Adult Grey Male
Canberra RAS 2012 - 3rd Adult Grey Fleece
AAA National 2014 - 1st Mature Grey Male

Animal's pedigree


Name IAR Fleece type Sex Birth date Colour Show results
ABANCAY ALICE 211053 Huacaya Female 18/01/2014 SBK No show entry
ABANCAY ANNIE 210968 Huacaya Female 15/02/2014 MG No show entry
ABANCAY CANDY KISSES 160445 Huacaya Female 11/01/2014 SMF No show entry
ABANCAY DAWN 160441 Huacaya Female 13/02/2014 MB No show entry
ABANCAY DELTA 160431 Huacaya Female 05/02/2014 MB No show entry
ABANCAY DREAMER 160428 Huacaya Female 29/01/2014 SMB No show entry
ABANCAY HEAVEN 160436 Huacaya Female 09/02/2014 BK No show entry
ABANCAY INCOGNITO 160424 Huacaya Female 11/02/2014 SBK No show entry
ABANCAY JANE 160434 Huacaya Female 11/02/2014 MG No show entry
ABANCAY KAOS 160440 Huacaya Male 30/01/2014 BK No show entry
ABANCAY MAGIC 211060 Huacaya Female 13/02/2014 SBB No show entry
ABANCAY SINNAMON 123660 Huacaya Female 01/02/2014 BK No show entry
ABANCAY TWIGGY 210972 Huacaya Female 17/02/2014 SDF No show entry
ABANCAY ZIPPA 160433 Huacaya Female 09/02/2014 MG No show entry
ALAWAH CHANTILLI 236983 Huacaya Female 30/04/2017 SMF No show entry
ALAWAH FAERLEIGH 236981 Huacaya Female 07/03/2017 SBK 5 in 93
ALAWAH HARPER 236990 Huacaya Female 01/05/2018 RN/WT No show entry
CHAPARRAL ARIEL 198963 Huacaya Female 19/03/2014 SMB No show entry
CHAPARRAL BELGRAVIA 198965 Huacaya Female 17/03/2014 SMB No show entry
CHAPARRAL CASTAWAY 198962 Huacaya Male 16/03/2014 SLF No show entry
CHAPARRAL GREYROCK 198954 Huacaya Male 01/12/2013 MG/MG No show entry
DESIGN AAM MESSI 201462 Huacaya Male 28/05/2014 LG No show entry
DESIGN BLACK MAGIC 220591 Huacaya Male 11/05/2017 SBK 11 in 93
DESIGN ILLUSION 201464 Huacaya Female 05/11/2014 DG No show entry
EVERSLEY LIBERTY ROSE 193187 Huacaya Female 15/11/2015 RG No show entry
GREEN GULLY ESPRIT 221329 Huacaya Female 04/02/2017 MG 4 in 93
MANDALA SUNBIRD 224307 Huacaya Female 26/03/2017 SDB 2 in 93
NZSUMMERHILL SUN MIST 1015905 Huacaya Wether 29/03/2016 MF No show entry
SHERWINVIEW KERWYN 93238 Huacaya Male 07/09/2015 SBK No show entry
WYONA SPELLBOUND 200299 Huacaya Male 27/02/2015 RG No show entry
WYONA SPIRITED APPLAUSE 200298 Huacaya Wether 27/02/2015 SMB No show entry
WYONA WOODSPRITE 185169 Huacaya Female 09/04/2013 SMB No show entry
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