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Certified, proven stud male alpaca for sale

Photo of VICTOR
PRICE: $250.00
IAR: 133331
Date of birth: 22/02/2008
Sex: Certified male
Type: Huacaya
Colour: Solid Medium Fawn

Victor is a very nice natured boy and is very easy to handle. He has great conformation and has been successfully shown 3 times being awarded a ribbon at every show. His price includes delivery.


Contact details

Contact person: LOFTY RIDGE FARM
Email the seller
Phone number: 0432 075 566
Address: PO BOX 71
Herd health status: Unassessed

Victor is a very fine boy, his first fleece at 16 micron, second at 18.7 with a low SD of 3.9, CV 21 and CF 99.8. His 11th fleece test results were 22.7 micron, 5.3 SD, 23.3 CV, 90.5 CF and CRV 51.3.

Fleece characteristics

2nd - 2009: Mic 18.7, SD 3.9, CV 21.0, CF 99.8, SL 110
3rd - 2010: Mic 20.5, SD 4.7, CV 23.0, CF 96.2, SL 110
4th - 2011: Mic 23.0, SD 5.1, CV 22.2, CF 91.5, SL 95
6th - 2013: Mic 21.5, SD 5.0, CV 23.5, CF 94.1
11th - 2018: Mic 22.7, SD 5.3, CV 23.3, CF 90.5, CRV 51.3
Photo of WARADENE VICTOR's fleece

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Additional show results

2nd - Stawell (14.8 Months Fawn – Medium/Dark Fawn Class)
3rd - Clare (6-12 Months Male Fawn – Medium/Dark Fawn Class)
3rd - Mount Pleasant (12-18 Months Male Fawn – Medium/Dark Fawn Class)

Animal's pedigree


Name IAR Fleece type Sex Birth date Colour Show results
LOFTY RIDGE CHARLIE Huacaya Inactive male 07/03/2019 SWT No show entry
LOFTY RIDGE HARMONY 234693 Huacaya Female 22/03/2019 DF No show entry
LOFTY RIDGE JEMIMA 234689 Huacaya Female 24/02/2019 FMB/WT No show entry
LOFTY RIDGE TABITHA 234691 Huacaya Female 07/03/2019 SWT No show entry
LOFTY RIDGE TEQUILA 234692 Huacaya Female 08/03/2019 SWT No show entry
LOFTY RIDGE TRINITY 234690 Huacaya Female 06/03/2019 SMF No show entry
WILSONIA BASIL 201626 Huacaya Male 08/06/2013 SDF No show entry
WILSONIA BEAU 201629 Huacaya Male 16/10/2014 WT/DF No show entry
WILSONIA CHOCOLATE 183101 Huacaya Male 29/03/2012 SMB No show entry
WILSONIA JACINTA 183097 Huacaya Female 24/03/2012 SLF No show entry
WILSONIA KIRALEE 183098 Huacaya Female 27/03/2012 SLF No show entry
WILSONIA LADDIE 183099 Huacaya Male 27/03/2012 LF No show entry
WILSONIA MIRANDA 183103 Huacaya Female 19/04/2012 SLF No show entry
WILSONIA PRINCESS PEPPA 201630 Huacaya Female 01/05/2015 LB/WT No show entry
WILSONIA QUEEN OF CAMELOT 201631 Huacaya Female 01/05/2015 LB No show entry
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